A few years ago I did a video of the Pocket Pikachu Tamagotchi, I posted it on Youtube and it has received many many views over the years, annoyingly, I recorded the video portrait, and I missed out a lot of features. So I decided to re-record the video, except I did it over a few months, racking up currency to spend on making Pikachu happy. The video is below.

On Monday i got Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray, spent that evening watching it and loved it as much as I did in the cinema. During Wednesday daytime I had to spend most of the day in the flat, I had a man round to measure up for carpets and got a quote for all that to be done, then had to wait for my Fridge and Washer Dryer to be delivered, there’s nowhere really to sit and I had to be... Keep Reading

So as mentioned before I got my flat this week. But let’s start from the beginning of the week. I started looking at my 3DS and Vita because I figured I have a lot of spare time on the boat each day, in the end I decided to start playing Smash Bros on 3DS some more, getting in quick games on the boat and on lunch breaks. On the Wii U I discovered Pokemon Snap had been released on the Wii U,... Keep Reading

The first half wasn’t too great at work, had a few bad days in a row which left me begging for my day off on Wednesday. On Monday I thought I had lost my wallet, turns out it fell out my bag when I got my coat out on the boat, and luckily someone found it and handed it complete with money! I bought a few bits online after my birthday like Batman V Superman, which I watched the extended... Keep Reading

So this week I had my Birthday, but I’ll quickly go over other stuff first. Been playing lots of Diablo 3 and playing Adventure mode a lot, it’s quite cool that there’s lots of to do after finishing the game. I bought Batman: The Killing Joke and watched it the other night, I really liked it, always enjoy the DC animated movies. Although this one was based off the graphic novel. On... Keep Reading

Week Off This week I’ve been off work, it was my nephew’s christening on Sunday and since it was Cowes week I decided to book the whole week off to avoid any hassle getting to and from work. I really haven’t been up to that much really, on Monday I played some more Diablo 3 on the Xbox, surprising how long it takes to complete. On Tuesday I went to the Cinema in the evening to Suicide... Keep Reading

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