A few years ago I did a video of the Pocket Pikachu Tamagotchi, I posted it on Youtube and it has received many many views over the years, annoyingly, I recorded the video portrait, and I missed out a lot of features. So I decided to re-record the video, except I did it over a few months, racking up currency to spend on making Pikachu happy. The video is below.

This week has been pretty boring overall. Working most of the week and not much special has happened, had Wednesday and Friday off, on Wednesday I spent a few hours around town with Nan and then went and had some lunch in M&S. When I got home I played some Uncharted 3, and completed it on Thursday. Overall the game was great, I really enjoyed the story, and it’s great that the games... Keep Reading

Sat here trying to remember what I’ve done this week. EDIT: Turns out a lot. Ok, so I’ve been playing Mirrors Edge Catalyst, turned up on Thursday as mentioned before, and I completed it Tuesday night, spent most of the evenings playing it and it has lasted about 12 hours I’d say. Overall though great game, improvement on the first with the Story and the open world is great. What... Keep Reading

Late update! So last week now, but I didn’t get up to much other than playing Mirrors Edge Catalyst, it came out Thursday but before that I spent my time playing Uncharted, I completed Uncharted 2 on the Sunday, and started Uncharted 3, doubt I’ll get to complete it for a while though. I bought a new card game called Exploding Kittens which is cool and fun. And I have also been reading... Keep Reading

This week I haven’t been up to much apart from lots of work. I had Tuesday off, I went to have a haircut, then went to see my Nan, and then had an eye test at the hospital, had to do one of those annoying field test things. However I spent about 2 hours there and by the time I was done it was about 5:30, which was most of my day off gone. My next day off was Friday, I had a nice lie in, then... Keep Reading

On Wednesday I got my new Sonos Playbar, I was really looking forward to getting it and the night before I took my LG Soundbar and Sub off, Mum said she would use it for a while on her TV. Overall the sound quality when listening to music is amazing. My main concern was that without a Subwoofer it wouldnt be bassy enough but that was not the case at all, in fact the bass is really really... Keep Reading

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