Made some Assassin’s Creed Unity video’s the other day of some Coop Missions. First up is the Catacomb Raider mission - It was buggy as hell when I played it and managed to get a perfect heist somehow. After that there was The Tournament mission, this was 4 player - This mission was a bit different than normal ones, but was still fun. Ragonkai

So after I preordered the Destiny Ghost Edition, of which there are none left apparently, I got access to the Beta which began today, the 23rd of July. I got the email late last night and started the download for it, however it was apparent this would take some time, so I decided to sleep and start playing this morning. In the Beta you get about 6 missions to complete, along with a... Keep Reading

Playstation Vita Slim Final Thoughts and Review:  It has been a while since I owned a PSP, whilst I had it, I enjoyed playing games on it, I mainly downloaded them and put them on memory sticks, but it was still fun, I loved UMD’s, I though they were a great media format, however once again Sony is the only company to use them, same with memory stick duo. I sold my PSP 3000 because I... Keep Reading

Assassinís Creed III: Liberation Note: There are Spoilers in this review. In AC3: Liberation, you play Aveline, a young girl who is an Assassin, and she is the daughter of a rich white business man, and a black slave women Assassin. The story is about, well, Iím not certain, it wasnít good. I wasnít interested in the actual story until the last few missions, where we learn that Avelineís... Keep Reading

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