I took some time off work for the weekend, mainly because a few games were being released on the Friday, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Titanfall 2, and Skyrim Remaster. Funnily enough I ended up only buying Skyrim again in the end, which is especially funny because it’s not new, and I’ve played it before. However times are tough living in my flat so need to cut back expenses and buy less games. I... Keep Reading

Flat life is good. Getting used to living on my own more and more. Finally got my Washer Dryer and Dishwasher working last week which is good so i’ve been catching up on my washing. The sofa and armchair arrive Thursday which I’m looking forward to, then Richard is coming round to help put my pictures up and I think that’ll be most of the flat done, and I can start having visitors! I... Keep Reading

So I unfortunately missed last weeks update, and a lot has happened Flat wise, since I have been moving that’s bound to be the case. So I moved in Monday, and because I spent most evenings the week before moving anything I could in my car I didn’t have much to move not the actual day. In fact, I was moved in by 9:30am. I spent the rest of the day unpacking my stuff and organising... Keep Reading

This week I’ve started preparing to move in to the flat. I have now set a date for next Monday (3rd October) and am going to rent a Transit Van to move some of the bigger things. I downloaded the Forza Horizon 3 Demo early in the week and really liked it. I managed to get it cheap once again on Expertzone cause why not and I must admit those first few races and just cruising around is great.... Keep Reading

I had Sunday off and I went out with Richard, Becky and Henry to look at my flat, then we went to Carpetright, since I was looking into getting the place carpeted. All in all was worthwhile, as on Wednesday I had someone round to measure up the place and then afterwards I went in and ordered myself some new carpet and laminate flooring, fun stuff! On Sunday Robin and Michelle came and collected... Keep Reading

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