So this week has been pretty busy at work, lots of training and such to do so I bribed all the colleagues with Krispy Kreme donuts once again.

Gaming wise I’ve been playing some more Halo 5 Warzone Firefight, and the Xbox sale started so I bought the Just Cause 3 Season Pass and played the 2 current DLC expansions that are out, both are great, introducing a jetpack wing suit and mechs. I wish there were more Season passes on the sale, the Fallout 4 one would have been nice but it’s still too pricey.

Also this week Pokemon GO sort of launched, it launched in a few countries then they backtracked because the servers kept crashing, this morning I switched Apple App Stores so that I could download it and have been playing it on my lunch break and on the way to and from work. It’s really good, love the feeling you get when you catch a new Pokemon for the first time.

I downloaded MacOS Sierra Public Beta, quite like using Siri to navigate and find things on my Mac, though I keep forgetting it’s there a lot of the time.

Not much else has happened worth noting, been keeping up with my Amazon Prime TV series but my Prime ran out a couple days ago, however it’s Prime day on Tuesday so I’m hoping they will do a special price again like last year and then I can buy some cool stuff! Though I am at a meeting all day so will probably miss a lot of interesting stuff.


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