So this week I’ve started using Amazon Prime video for the first time. I started watching a series called UnREAL and managed to catch up to Season 2, and also started watching a series called Preacher, which is only a few episodes in at the moment. Both are great and I’m glad I’m finally getting the use out of my Prime subscription (Even though it expires in 3 days.)

I finally finished working on my Pocket Pikachu Youtube video, I have been recording bits here and there the last few months and there’s so much so show it’s hard to know where to stop, but I made a video about it years and years ago and it’s one of my more popular video’s, so I figured a nice HD remake was in order. Used my Canon 1200D for the recording which was good.

Work wise I went to Krispy Kreme and got some Donuts for my colleagues for doing their training quickly. I ended up signing up for the Friends of Krispy Kreme thing and got a free donut out of it too!

The Game of Thrones finale was amazing. Not much else to say other than the fact I am really looking forward to more of it.

I signed up for the Legendary Halo Loot Crate, I used to get Arcade Block but the quality of the stuff was mixed and I didn’t really have many places to put it. With this Halo one it is more expensive but it’s bi-monthly and it’s entirely Halo goodies most of which are exclusives.

Talking of Halo I have been lots of it this week, they released the new Warzone Fireight mode which is 8 players fighting again 5 rounds of enemies, it’s actually quite difficult and I’ve only won a handful of games on it because the team has to work well together. But actually I’m really really enjoying it.

Last night I had Robin and Michelle over for a late birthday party for Michelle, we got some takeaway and played on the Wii U and talked about booking a Centre Parcs trip in October.

And that’s about all I can think of currently, see you next week!


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