Tonight I decided to review Quantum Break, a game I’ve been looking forward to since it’s announcement in 2012.

I ordered Quantum Break online from Expertzone which turned up on Thursday, and tonight (Saturday) I completed it, as you can tell it’s not exactly a long game but it was very enjoyable, one particular aspect which was good is the TV Show, where after making certain choices in the game you are shown a 20 minute video of some side activities which effect the game also.

Overall the time control systems work really well, you have a few different options when it comes to combat, you can do a shield which stops bullets, a dash followed by a focus which can be useful for targeting weak points, a time stop on a certain target, and that’s just to name a few. I found the combat to be quite fun at times as you can’t just spam the same ability because they have cooldowns, instead you have to chain them together and use different abilities to avoid enemy fire. Weapons wise you have a choice of machine gun, from SMG to Assault Rifle, your secondary weapon is either a Shotgun or mini gun type weapons, and then you have a pistol which has unlimited ammo in case you get stuck without any. The enemies you fight at first are just standard officers, however as you progress you come across some that can also walk around in the frozen time like you, when I first saw this in the trailers to be honest it made me think “Great, so everyone can control time!” but actually it ties together with the story perfectly and they are pretty easy to take out if you shoot the generator on their backs, once you do they freeze again like normal enemies which is pretty nifty.

Throughout the game these Stutters keep happening which make time freeze for everyone except the main character Jack Joyce, these tend to happen at convenient times like when you are about to be overrun with about 50 enemies. The stutters also tend to happen around these destructive events, one for example is a massive ship building site collapsing and you have to navigate your way out, and another when a ship crashes into a bridge and time stops just as the bridge is collapsing. These moments are really cool to watch, however it does stunt the gameplay a little as all you have to do is jump some platforms. In some area’s there are small puzzles to complete, but these are mainly the typical press button and run to point A before door closes scenario.

The story I enjoyed massively, as mentioned before it ties in with a TV Show and characters in the show also show up in the game and vise versa. The time travel aspect has been done many many times in the past but this game pulls it off very very well. Not only that but the characters were also great to watch and there was a lot of great acting, even through the game was short I still felt connected to the main characters as the story was concluding.

At various points in the game you get to make a choice, you see a brief glimpse of the future and then have to pick an option, not only does this option effect the game, it also greatly effects the TV Show. The choices generally aren’t the good and bad choices you would normally find, they are more focused on personal opinions, which can be hard to explain without giving an example so you will just have to play it yourself to find out exactly what I mean.

Throughout the entire game, it teaches you to use cover to your advantage and your time abilities to jump between cover, it gives the impression that if you had these powers it would indeed be possible to take on 20+ soldiers, unlike in some games like Tomb Raider where it just seems like the bad guys are bad shots.
This is entirely thrown out the window when it comes to the final boss battle, where you are constantly attacked and cannot stay in one place, I must have spent an hour trying to beat this boss which is actually pretty short but REALLY annoying because of the constant attacking thing.

Something else that annoyed me was when I got to Episode 3 of the TV Show and my Xbox decided it couldn’t stream the show, my only solution it seemed was to download a 75gb file with all the episodes and scenario’s in it. In the end I shut down the game and luckily it let me replay the episode from the timeline option once I reloaded it and then it had no problems.

Overall though I loved the game, the story was great, the TV Show was fun to watch, and the gameplay was well balanced. I would indeed recommend it, but only to those who enjoy a good story in their games, some people just want pure action, this game delivers that but not in massive doses, it’s also padded out with tons of story and collectibles.

If I had to rate it, it would be a 8/10.

+ Time controls are fun
+ Story is fantastic, backed by good acting

- A bit short lived
- You could probably complete most combat encounters without using powers.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings,



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