A few years ago I did a video of the Pocket Pikachu Tamagotchi, I posted it on Youtube and it has received many many views over the years, annoyingly, I recorded the video portrait, and I missed out a lot of features. So I decided to re-record the video, except I did it over a few months, racking up currency to spend on making Pikachu happy. The video is below.

So a few months ago I backed a project on Kickstarter called Arduboy, it’s basically a tiny credit card sized portable games console. You can load up various games and play them wherever and whenever. I decided to make a Youtube video about the device, and how to install games.

The other day Krofunk came around with his brand new game Starfox Zero, so we decided to play it of course, the coop was pretty good actually. Video’s are below, the first one is mainly Krofunk playing solo, then half way I join in. The next video is the rest of our playthrough.

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about a year now and they recently released the new Space Black Milanese Loop which goes well with my Space Grey Apple Watch, so I decided to treat myself as all I’ve used since getting it is the standard Sport bands. Since their weren’t that many video’s about it I decided to record the unboxing and my first opinions of the band.

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